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Ending My Week The Way I Want To Start It

The work week ends on Sunday, but in all reality our weeks end on Saturday ( like on the calendar). And to mark the end of my week I like to use affirmations. My affirmations look something like the above but with a little more context. For me my home is the place that I like to affirm my actions and state of being, it just feels right. My affirmations typically take place in the morning, this allows me to se the tone for the day. Also in the morning is when my mind is the clearest. I might have somethings that spilled over from the pervious day, but for the most part my mind is pretty neutral. With my mind in a space of neutrality, I am able to clearly provide declarative statements ( and facts, cause sometimes you have to show yourself the receipts). I often navigate my affirmations much like a conversation with as friend I haven't seen in a while. I start by acknowledging what I've been doing, the challenges that I have had. Once I've stated where I've been then I state where I am. I am, I am, I am this affirmation starting point not only puts me in the present, it also allows me to incorporated what I've validated for my self earlier, and confirm what I know to be true and authentic about myself.

At first it would feel a bit odd. Telling yourself all the things you've done (that your suppose to be doing right?), to affirm that you can appreciate what you've done and allow your self to keep moving forward. Over time it becomes second nature much like the practice of writing in a journal to express your thoughts, this is a way to solidify the thoughts you want to have about yourself. This is how I end my week, along with cleaning my home with the attempt to clear my mind as well. This practice allows me to start my day and my week, with clarity for where I am and focus for where I'm going. Check out some affirmations I've used to end my week.

I am, Loving

I am, Open to learning more about who I am

I am, Great at seeing the big picture

I am, Firm in the boundaries I set


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