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The Commit to Growth Workbook


Journey towards your dream life with this 45+ page digital workbook designed to help you identify roadblocks, create internal motivation and take action towards your goals.

Go from fear of the unknown keeping you in limbo, to using your fear to carve out the path to your actions and your goals. 

Who it's for

This workbook is perfect for you if...

You know you are made for more but doubt yourself and second guess your potential

You have a lack of motivation and don't know where to start

You always feel in limbo even when you're "on the right path"

You can't get past roadblocks that deter your growth

You struggle with creating and keeping a consistent routine

You're exhausted with riding on the start and stop roller coaster

You blame your lack of progress on outside things and people


Client Reviews


The Commit to Growth Workbook


Inside this digital workbook you will find 45+ pages of actionable journal prompts, thought exercises, personal assessments, checklists, goal trackers and more!

About the author


Hey guys, I'm Sheena Barlow!

I was a corporate baddie who dreamed of leaving my burnout 9-5, in pursuit of being a coach and guiding people along their journey.

I knew this was my soul's path...I just didn’t know how or what it was gonna look like for me to get there.

The Commit To Grow workbook is the guide I wish I had when starting my journey.

As you go through the pages you will be able to see your own blind spots (like negative self talk) and roadblocks (like being comfortable in your discomfort). You will also get resources and tools to use as guide posts to your action steps.

I know that it's hard to go from certainty to risking it all, and this workbook is the perfect resource to help you get started.

Start your journey

You've been waiting for the right time, and there is no right time but the present. Make yourself the priority right now and commit to your growth.

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