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My origin story


Hey, I'm Sheena Barlow. I'm a mom, wife, life coach, mental wellness and psychology professional here to guide you out of limbo and where you're meant to be.

I didn’t become a coach overnight, I started my journey like most people, following the known path hoping to live a life somewhat better than my parents.

After doing it all the "right ways" (going to school, getting married, having kids) it still wasn’t what I wanted for me. It was not my purpose.

The loss of my aunt in 2015 really opened up a lot of possibilities for me, like life is short, and being in uncertainty without that support system that helps to bring you up.


And while I was in this phase of my journey I knew I wanted to work with people who wanted to do the work. People like me who have goals, determination, but just can’t seem to get out of their own limbo.

It was during that low point, lost, confused and broken that led me right here. Working with my clients who are learning to show up for themselves, like I show up for me and all my dreams. 

Coaching credentials

Certified life coach and psychology professional

MA in Psychology from University of Pepperdine

BA in Africana Studies: Socio-Psychological Behavior

CBT Cognitive Behavior Life Coach Certification

Confidence Life Coach Certification

Relationship Coaching & Couples Counseling 

EMDR Therapy Certification

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Eating Disorders 


My sign is...


5 fun facts

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