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Get out of limbo and triumph in your dream life

I help corporate baddies stop procrastinating and start taking sustainable life changing action!

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Hey! I'm Sheena

I'm a mom, wife, life coach, mental wellness and psychology professional here to guide you get out of limbo and where you're meant to be.

I spent 11 years climbing the corporate ladder and growing more burnt-out and unmotivated as each day passed by. I was doing everything I was "supposed" to do, but never felt I was living out my real dreams and desires.

Until one day in 2017 I decided it was MY TIME. I hired life coaches, found accountability partners, and set personal and work boundaries. I was creating the life I wanted to live and stepping out of the comfortable discomfort that was keeping me safe and small. 


Now, I help hundreds of men and women discover their dreams and goals, triumph over their roadblocks and create life changing momentum towards their dream lives.

Ways we can work together

Personalized intrinsic motivation coaching that turns your roadblocks into roadmaps. 


15-Minute Vibe Check Session

A quick vibe check to chat about your goals and make sure we're the right fit.


60-Minute Intensive Session

Walk away with the tools you need to be motivated to make your goals happen.


Monthly Coaching Packages

Experience long term, life-changing impact with weekly and bi-monthly sessions.

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Client Reviews

& Packages


Goal Discovery Session 

If you are someone who has the momentum to step out of your comfort zone and into your wholeness...then this session is for you.

This session will give you the tools to be motivated to make your goals intentional and get elevated to in your career, relationship and personal growth.

Intentional Growth Mindset Coaching 

If you struggle with consistent overthinking, procrastination and the belief that what you want is selfish or unattainable... then this coaching package is for you.


You will create a new story that reflects who you are now, built on your why and driven by your purpose. You will develop the ability to use your challenges as lessons and find alternative solutions to roadblocks that you navigate on your journey. 


Internal Motivation 
Life Design

If you want to make life changes but always feel like it's not the right time, or place, and don't know where to start...then this coaching package is for you.


You will cultivate mindset shifting techniques, intentional goal creation and setting, actions steps with personalized tasks and focus with immediate and long term life-changing impact.   

Synergetic Relationship Coaching

If you and your partner want to create shared goals for your life together but struggle with moving forward towards them in unity...then this coaching package is for you.


You and your partner will learn how to develop a joint vision of your relationship, set shared goals, establish boundaries and improve your communication skills to help you navigate issues of conflict.

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Commit to Growth Workbook

45+ pages of guided exercises and prompts to accelerate your journey to growth in your mindset and your goals.


Press play
on the podcast

Monthly episodes to unpack who you are and discover where you are meant to be.

3-6-9 Thirty Day Journal

This FREE 30-day digital journal walks you through observation, intention and taking action.

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