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New Name Who Dis?

I think it's time that I reintroduced myself... Hello I am Sheena Barlow, or better known as Coach Sheena B. Over that past five years I have been coaching people all around the world, during transformative periods in their lives. As a coach I have encountered one thing consistently, the healing and closure of one transitional period brings you to another. When I started out coaching I just wanted to help one person, I was reluctant and unsure if I really had what it took to be the coach I wanted to be. So self doubt, worry and limiting beliefs became a power struggle for me. I did what most people do, convince my self what I wasn't ready to move forward with what I wanted to do. I would say things like "Ok when I have more time" or "I have to be able to really understand a person right off the bat" and so many other "Reasons" why I wasn't ready to take the action required of me to make that initial move. In reality I was stuck. And not only was I stuck, I was comfortably uncomfortable where I was stuck at. I got to a point where all I thought about is where I wanted to go, but never taking the action for me to get there. Until one day I decided I wanted to actually grow, and not just think about growing into what I thought was the unreachable aspect of myself. And that's what I did, with help of course.

I set my goal, which at the time was tangible. Crate a todo list, find the people who can assist you with it, take action. Yeah those were the steps I took. But can I be honest with you? It was not easy, I was constantly pushing myself when I didn't want to do anything, and questioning and creating priorities that surpassed what I wanted for myself, and it felt like I didn't know if I was built for this. This thing I wanted and longed for, maybe it wasn't for me. Then It hit me, it wasn't that it wasn't for me, it was that my reality of gaining what I wanted was not coming with ease, and so it felt like it wasn't for me due to my own resistance to challenge, of this new found goal. Once I began to accept that the challenge in my experience, was the experience that I needed to have and would be able to bring to my clients. Because in reality they were going through the same thing, and now my experience would allow me to serve them in a way that I had only thought about. Now I get to help and guide people through, thoughts, behaviors and emotions because I took the action to navigate through mine.


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