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When the process is the end, you'll always end at the process

Over the past few years I made a concerted effort of getting back into reading. Now I've always been a fiction type of gal, but in my latter years I've transitioned from escape to expansion. The hardest part about getting into a book for me is, getting into the book literally. So about three years ago I decided not only would I be reading again, but I would be reading three books all at once. Ok for some of ya'll that's a cake walk ( please look up cake walk), but for me a person whose process was always in due time, I knew it would be challenge. And that's when it hit me, I struggle with the process, and not the action itself, rather the thought of the action. So during this time I was reading these three books, "The Year Of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes, "The Prosperous Coach" by Rich Litvin and of course "Ask And It Is Given" by Abraham Hicks.

Now mind you (IYKYK), I was at a point in my life where I was seeing my therapist regularly, and putting myself in different spaces to help grow and strengthen my skills and my thoughts. Now let me tell you, it worked for me. I had to allow myself to figure out my own process. I would get into a place where I felt like I should know or, like at least I figured out one thing so I shouldn't be having the same road blocks or issues. What I didn't see at the time was when did I get the information and direction I needed, I allowed myself to move forward in my process. I had begun to realize how many times in my life I would end at the process, This could be school, work relationships, any aspect of my life I could identify when I ended at thee process. It was when I got the help, built the routine established the intention when I was able to go beyond the process.

What I was able to learn about myself was during these intervals of my life was, when ever I ended there it all ended. This included my thoughts of what it could be, the moment of the idea, the joy of the outcome. It all ended, and within the same scope, for all of the instance where I did not end at my process, I was able to see my goal, dream and idea through to fruition. Those experiences provided my with the tools to be able to rest and continue with what ever I had set out to do. This ranged from going to school while working full time and navigating burnout while pursing my personal goals. There are so many situations I have been able to utilize my understanding of my process that has allowed me to get the other side. So now instead of me ending at my process I recognize it is only the beginning.


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