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Cause Imma Live This Life

I'm pretty sure that everyone has been given the advice of how they need a plan, and that plan was gonna be the way they would be able to achieve or obtained the life that they wanted. Right? Well the great thing about life is, it's really more like an experiment for each and every individual. Just like your run of the mill experiment, you have an idea and you figure out if that idea work by test it out. This is you when you decide to live it, you have a thought of what you want or want to do and you take action. The actions are for you to allow yourself to have the experience, vs planning on getting to what you thinking the outcome will be.

Not to long ago ( ok it was along time ago) I had this plan right. I had this plan I was gonna finish undergrad, and right after undergrad I was gonna be going to leave my job and become a professor. Now keep in mind I had made this plan, I made a plan about what I was going to do and what it was going to look like. What I didn't recognize is that the same plan that I had created to help guide me, I was using it a source of judgement along my path. Yes I wanted to get some where and and the plan allowed for me to have a direction, however I got so caught up in the plan that I became depressed due to the fact that I was not sticking to it, or that it was not going the way I wanted it to. I just felt like, since things are going the way that I had envision then I must be doing life wrong. And I was right. I wasn't right about not being able to keep up with the plan I set out for my self, I was right about how I was doing life. Plans were great but they didn't work for me, when I had a thought and took action that worked, and it worked because I was allowing myself to have my full experience. Which in turn allowed me to experience life, my life.

Our lives are an experience. What type of experience is up to us. This pattern has been consistent over the years, and what I was able to do is observe my behaviors, reflect on writings like this one to bring me back to what works and has always worked. Just living, seeing a picture and going for it. The ability to surrender has been the wind in my sails. In those moments when I'm in pure being of action there are no comparisons, I am just living. The reduction of judgement and the focus on what is happening in this moment, is the experience and imma live it.


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