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Fear of Success

Fear of success is a real thing, and I know it well. In fact, many people are afraid of success because they simply don't know how to handle it. So let's take some time to learn about this common fear and what we can do about it.

What is Fear of Success?

Fear of success is the fear that you will not be able to handle the responsibilities or expectations that come with being successful in your career, relationships or life. It’s a deep-seated belief that if you do something great for yourself, it will be taken away from you.

Fear of success could also be described as a form of self sabotage. Some people believe that if they become more successful than what others expect them to be, they will lose friends or family members who were once important in their lives. They fear losing their identity by becoming more well known in their field and making more money than their peers because they are afraid they won't fit into society anymore due to these changes - this would then cause them anxiety and stress which leads back into self sabotaging behaviors such as procrastination or excessive drinking/overeating etc..

How to Identify it?

You’re not alone in this. We all have fears, and many of us are afraid that if we achieve our goals, things will change for the worse. But fear is just a feeling—it won’t stop you from achieving your goal or even succeeding. The key is to know how to identify it for what it is: an emotion that will pass if you let it pass and don’t act on it by giving up on your goal before you even start working towards it!

It’s also important to set realistic goals when trying to overcome any sort of fear. For example: if one of your fitness goals is running a marathon by March next year, but three months into training, you realize that this time frame feels too ambitious given how busy life has been lately...then why not aim instead at winning a local charity race? Or maybe join a team sport at work with colleagues who are interested in health? Whatever works best for YOU here is the right answer; don't worry about other people's goals because everyone's journey through life differs from person to person!

The Hidden Beliefs behind the Fear of Success.

The belief that you are not worthy of success is rooted in the idea that your special gifts and talents have been given to you by divine inspiration, but not by virtue of your own efforts. This can be traced back to childhood where parents, teachers and other authority figures praised you for being smart or talented without ever acknowledging that it was your hard work combined with natural ability which resulted in these achievements.

The belief that success will bring more responsibility is a carryover from childhood when as a child you were expected to take care of yourself and others around you without any help from anyone else because nobody else could do it better than yourself anyway! As an adult this translates into taking on more duties at work or at home because no one else can do it as well as me!

How Does it Show Up in Your Life?

  • How does it show up in your life?

The fear of success can be hard to recognize because it often manifests as other problems, like perfectionism or procrastination. If you're experiencing a lot of anxiety about situations where you feel like you have the ability to succeed, if there are things that make you feel anxious and uncomfortable but that don't make sense when examined closely (like maybe buying a new phone or opening an account for your business), or if you're afraid of trying something new even though it's something that would be beneficial for you—these are all signs that the fear of success may be creeping in.

  • What are some examples of how it shows up in your life?

Here are some common ways this fear shows up: * Believing working hard will result in things going wrong (for example, believing no one will ever hire me again if I work too hard) * Failing at something because “I’m not good enough yet" * Procrastinating on work because “I need more time” * Perfectionism * Perfectionism * Perfectionism

Why do we fear success?

We fear success for a variety of reasons. We may be afraid of the change that will come with it, or we may be afraid of failing and losing the security that comes with being average. Perhaps we're concerned about what the future holds, or even if others will judge us for our success. The bottom line is that there are plenty of things to be afraid of when it comes to achieving goals and having dreams come true!

Face your fears head on and remember that success is not something to be feared - but rather embraced.

The fear of success is self-created. It's an illusion that we create for ourselves because we don't know how to deal with our growing pains. The truth is, success is not something to be feared - but rather embraced. Success is not a destination, it's a journey; and the more you embrace it, the happier and more fulfilled you'll be in life.

You can achieve anything in life if you put your mind to it - whether that means losing weight or getting rich! But let's say your goal right now isn't money; maybe what you really want is better relationships with friends or family members? Or perhaps all this time spent working on yourself has made you realize that there are other things out there worth pursuing (such as art)? Whatever those may be - don't worry about finding them by thinking negatively about yourself! Instead just focus on being positive each day until eventually something good starts happening.*

If you’re feeling anxious about your future, it’s important to remember that fear of success is a normal part of the human experience. You may be worried that you won’t be successful enough or worthy enough to reach your goals, but this is simply an illusion created by your own mind. While it can take some time and courage to overcome these fears, there are plenty of resources available online or through friends and family members who have already dealt with similar issues in their own lives.

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